Welcome to Dreams into Apps 2.0!

Finish your onboarding by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Create An Account On Discord

We use Discord to communicate with our community and students. After you join our server, head over to #introduce-yourself channel and introduce yourself to the community.
Your dedicated success coach will grant you access to the private chats during your onboarding call. As long as you create your account, you're in good shape here.


Step 2 - Activate Your Lab Dash Account

The Lab Dash is your battleground to level up. Watch Course Content, Submit Assignments and Tune into Workshops. New features rolled out every week.

Your account will be activated during your onboarding call with your dedicated success coach.

Step 3 - Schedule Your Onboarding Call🧪

Set up a time to meet with our Head Coach, Moses. He wants to learn about you, your goals and how we can make sure your time here is successful. Arrive to your onboarding call in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Our coaches take pride in delivering a quality experience and we ask you respect them by being 100% present and ready to roll.