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Ambitious Labs breaks down app development into a proven 5 pillar process for building successful, profitable apps. We've trained 1000+ non-technical entrepreneurs from all over the world and launched dozens of profitable app businesses in the process.
And Join Over 1000+ Builders Learning Daily
Join 1000+ builders learning daily
Unlimited Learning Platform Access
250+ Apps Launched & 3M+ Users Touched
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Work At Your Own Pace And Get Help 24/7

Learn How To Bring Any App Idea To Life. Not once, Not Twice - But For The Rest Of Your Life

Get Instant Access To A Proven Process For Launching Apps

Immediately unlock lifetime access to our step-by-step curriculum for building apps like an expert. By joining you will get access to all existing and upcoming course material. New lessons are added weekly.

Access to Our Expert Developers, Designers, and Marketers.

Your success hinges on having the right people around you. Inside Dreams Into Apps, you'll have access to a team of expert coaches and your own 1:1 dedicated success coach.

Maximize Your Chances Of Success As Part of An Elite Learning Community

We firmly believe your network is your net-worth. Ambitious Labs is a highly selective, carefully curated learning community of ambitious builders from around the world. We take pride in fostering community and setting you up with opportunities.
"This codeless app building program is a game changer for aspiring startup founders"
Atlanta Tech Village
Atlanta Business Chronicle
The North Day Business Journal
Five & Thrive Podcast

If School Was Perfect, This Is What It Would Look Like ( ;

Our virtual academy leverages custom built software, expert driven content, AI, and live coaching to deliver a learning experience like no other.
1:1 Coaching Through Expert Mentors
Expert Led Content and Community
Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
The Ambitious labs Tech Stack

Become a Full-Stack Developer, Without Having To Write Any Code

We hand-picked a set of no-code technologies that are not only beginner friendly but insanely scalable.
The deliverables

When You Join Dreams Into Apps 2.0 Today, You Get Full and Immediate Access To:

Professionally Designed UI Kit, Templates, and Perks
We will professionally design your app based on your vision for it
Start from our template that has all the basic functionality done-for-you. Like Login, Signup, Profile and more.
For ATL Students - All members have access to our in-person builder hub in Atlanta, Georgia - located at Atlanta Tech Village.
Private Community + AI Coach
Surround yourself with like-minded builders in a private, professionally managed Discord community. We promise this Discord experience is unlike any other.
AI Learning - Coach Ambitious, the AI No-Code coach. Our AI support bot is trained on 10k+ documents related to FlutterFlow, Firebase, Flutter and more.
Live Coaching and Support With App Experts
Weekly workshops, lesson labs and build sessions led by experts. Get help from expert app developers on live Zoom calls.
Live build sessions with other builders. Get help from others and interact with your coach as you work through lessons.
Lifetime Access to 100+ On Demand Video Lessons
Studio produced lesson walkthroughs on how to design and build your app (Figma/FlutterFlow/Firebase).
All modules available anytime. Complete at your own pace. New content added weekly.

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We are so confident in your ability to accelerate your idea, that we offer a 7-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
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Then $199/monthly after the first 6 months
Credit card not required
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Dreams Into Apps 2.0 is an accelerator for serious entrepreneurs. This is not a course, this is a partnership between you and the whole team at Ambitious Labs to bring your app idea to life. You are getting access to all the resources, people, experts, deliverables, and SOPs that we use internally to build highly scalable, profitable app businesses.

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Revenue estimator

How much can you make with an app?

Using our no-code stack, entrepreneurs can monetize their apps in 1 of 3 ways. Use this tool to forecast your revenue.
How many paying users could you acquire monthly?
How much will you charge per month?
After 1 year your business would be at:

$6,000 ARR
$18,000 Cash Out Price

Subject to churn, app store commissions, fees, etc. Buy out multiple based on a conservative 3xgross ARR
After 1 year your business would be at:


Annual Recurring Revenue


Cash Out Price
Subject to churn, app store commissions, fees, etc. Buy out multiple based on a conservative 3xgross ARR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any technical experience to join?

The course expects you to know how to use a computer well. If you know at least 1 mac keyboard shortcut and you can navigate between apps quickly, you will do fine in this course. You don't need any coding knowledge. You just need to be hungry to learn new ideas.

How much support do I get?

At Ambitious Labs we obsess over our student's success. When you enroll in this course, you get access to a private Slack channel where 6+ coaches, and mentors are on standby to help you. Our coaching staff is distributed across the world to cover most timezones. During the week, you can expect an answer within 6 hours and allow up to 24 hours on the weekends. As more students enroll, we expect to add more coaches. Feel free to chat with our AI support bot that we trained only on relevant data.

Is the course high quality?

We know we are competing for your attention, so we made sure to invest in the highest quality production equipment. We invested about $5000 into our course production set up. We use HD cameras, high quality lighting, and a $300 microphone to capture our audio. We carefully plan, script and record all course content. Aside from equipment, we invested in the best courses for courses and have been practicing content creation for 6+ months.

I'm very busy. Is this for me?

At one point, we were working full time jobs and building projects on the side. We designed this course for the busy builder who is working nights and weekends. Our content is straight to the point. The average lesson is 6 minutes long. We split up lessons into learn/build so you can choose the pace that you want to learn new skills vs build a product. With our Slack support, no matter the time you are working, you will never feel alone. That's our promise.

What if I don't like the course?

If you are unhappy with the course within 3 days of purchasing, just email us the word "refund" and we will issue a no-questions-asked refund. We hope you tell us what you didn't like so we can make the course better.

How old do I have to be?

This question is for the high schoolers out there. If you are in an entrepreneurship club or took at least 1 Computer Science or Engineering class, you can absolutely succeed in this course. Just let a coach know you are in high school so we can add you to another Slack channel for students.

What if I want to build my own app idea?

Our most common question. We are believers in learning by building. This course covers all the fundamentals of full stack no-code app development. You will learn all the skills needed to build any app you can think of. And if you need help with your app idea, just ask a coach because we have another program to support your own app idea that you get discounted access to as a No-Code AI pro student.

Why did you choose this tech stack?

FlutterFlow is an app builder that actually writes code for you. That means it's very scalable and there's nothing that's impossible to build. Firebase is a robust backend-as-a-service that is capable of serving millions of users. This tech stack, Flutter + Firebase + APIs is a widely accepted tech stack in the developer ecosystem. These are skills that are easily recognizable by tech professionals.

What can I do after taking this course?

Our students have gone off to do the following:

  • Got a raise at their job
  • Started an app development freelancing business
  • Launched their apps with a paywall and started making money
  • Put new skills on their resume and got a job
  • Joined a startup
  • Started working on their own app ideas
Do you offer international discounts?

Yes, if you are in a country with a currency that does not match the US dollar, we are happy to discount the price. Please contact support with your email and country and we will send over a link.

Can I finance the payment?

Yes, we offer payment plans and financing options. Please contact support.

I have more questions.

Join the free Slack community and ask your question to anyone with Ambitious in their username. We are happy to answer questions!

I’m an employer or educator and I want you to run this class for a group. How can I contact you?

We’d be happy to run this program for a group. Email with subject line GROUP SESSION REQUEST.