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Founded in October 2022, Ambitious Labs is the first academy focused on no-coders.
No-Coders Trained
Countries Represented
Apps Built
Development Costs Saved

About Ambitious Labs

Ambitious Labs is a virtual academy based out of Atlanta Tech Village, the 4th largest tech startup hub in the USA. We specialize in one thing - teaching non technical entrepreneurs how to build apps without writing code. In the age of AI and No-Code, we are  breaking down barriers to launching apps.

Apps, both web and mobile, are incredible vehicles for streamlining solutions to mankind's problems. Traditionally, only entrepreneurs with substantial capital or development skills could launch tech-startups. Our thesis is that, nowadays, technology has gotten so sophisticated that, now anyone can build an app using cutting edge drag and drop app building tools.

We are 1 of 16 recognized FlutterFlow Ambassadors because of all the free content we've put out there for people to learn from. Our founders are actively doing free workshops across the Atlanta community for entrepreneurs, high schools and colleges. Oh, and you can't forget our bustling YouTube channel with 2000+ subscribers.

We started Ambitious Labs because we love 2 things. Teaching, and building apps. Over the last 2 years, Ambitious Labs has become our team's ultimate vehicle for solving more of mankind's problems by accelerating your app ideas. And no, we don't take any equity because we firmly believe that you, the entreprenuer are the best person to build a product for your market, because the founder knows the market best.

You can think of us as a startup school/accelerator. Our students have gone off to do incredible things after building apps with us. Some have gotten into accelerators, some have raised Venture Capital and some start their own agencies. The opportunities are endless with your full-stack-no-code development skills.

So what are you waiting for? Let's turn your Dreams into Apps ✨
13 Total Team Members Working Full Time
Physical Office In Atlanta Tech Village
Actively Giving Back to The Community
Students Can Visit Our Office Anytime

We Run Virtual App Building Programs For All Age Groups.

No Coding Experience Required, Seriously.
Students With Disabilities Are Most Welcome (Please Inform Us Prior)
Be Ready To Build. We Don’t Move Slow.
Coaching Available in 3+ Languages
Our awards

These Awards Are A Result Of Our Team’s Ruthless Dedication To Our Student’s Success

1st Place - Atlanta Tech Village Pitch Competition
2023 Startup Atlanta’s Top Social Impact Startup
Featured on Inc Magazine as Startup To Watch in Atlanta
75% Course Completion Rate

Meet The Ambitious Team

Our team has over 100+ years of combined experience building apps, startups and internet based companies. We all come from various backgrounds and make a world-class team of educators excited about bringing more dreams to life.
Alim Charaniya
Founder, CEO
3x Startup Builder. 10 Years of App Entrepreneurship experience. If he's not building, he's knocking down jump shots at the gym.
Adrian Durso
2x Startup Veteran. Adrian is responsible for generating $10M+ in revenue for his last 2 companies. Raised in Silicon Valley, Adrian is responsible for bringing new faces into our program.
Zayan Hussain
Product Manager
The "ninja" product manager responsible for getting all student projects across the finish line. Zayan is the guy that powers Ambitious Labs behind the scenes.
Khalid Remtula
Discovery Team Lead
Khalid has 1 job, to make sure you get the most out of all the resources we have to offer at Ambitious Labs.
Jeika Bryll Lago
Builder Success Manager
Jeika is your best friend, your accountability partner, and your dedicated success manager inside of any Ambitious Labs program
Sandro Franco
Lead Startup Coach
Arvind is a n internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and investment banker. Arvind plays a critical role in Ambitious Labs rapid international expansion.
Aamir Kassam
Discovery Specialist
When Khalid gets slammed with Discovery calls, which happens often - Aamir handles the overflow. Aamir can handle all questions related to Academy and Accelerator.
Jason Boschung
Founding Solutions Engineer
Jason calls himself the "doctor" inside of Ambitious Labs. During your consulting call, he will craft the perfect path to success for your app dreams.
Kaamish M
FlutterFlow Coach
Kaamish is full of energy and he brings the same level of excitement to every office hour session. There is nothing he can't solve.
Sohaib Tahir
Lead Flutter Developer
They call him Sohaib. But we call him "Spidey". Sohaib knows Flutter like a second language.
Alex Morales
Sales Manager
Alex is a serial entrepreneur who sold his last business for 7 figures with no college degree. He is responsible for coaching our Discovery and Executive Consulting team to be the best in the game.
Marcus Ferarrio
Advisor, Ad Buying
If you've seen any of our ads, Marcus put it there.
Arvind Gopwani
Board Member
Arvind is a n internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and investment banker. Arvind plays a critical role in Ambitious Labs rapid international expansion.

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Our Relationships

Ambitious Labs is a proud education provider to the following organizations. We are thankful for the collaboration between our partners and are actively seeking more ways to collaborate with innovative, forward thinking companies, universities and interest groups.

Ready To Learn How To Bring Your App Idea To Life Yourself?

Ambitious Labs has had the privilege of changing the lives of over 1000+ Non Technical builders in 2022. Through our experience and deep market understanding, we’ve developed proven strategies, systems, processes, and resources that consistently result in our students launching successful apps and acquiring invaluable app entreprenuership skills.